Wolf of Wilderness

Wild and Free!

Pick up the trail with our tasty food range based on your dog's natural diet

The bond between man and dog has existed for thousands of years and although we now consider them to be fully-fledged members of the family, dogs were not always tame animals. Many believe that the domesticated dog originates from the wolf and research into the wolf’s natural feeding habits indicates that its diet is composed mainly of meat with some fruit, herbs and botanicals. This diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution and provides the basis for a natural, species-appropriate food for the modern dog.

Wolf of Wilderness dog food is based on these eating habits and will appeal to your dog's natural instincts. The flavoursome food is similar to the wolf's natural diet and made using only the very best ingredients. It is grain-free and all recipes are very low in carbohydrates. The Wolf of Wilderness product range includes both dry and wet dog food and provides your pet with a balanced nutrient uptake.

Pick up the trail here:

Pick up the trail here:


Fresh meat with wild herbs and berries


Research into the wolf's natural eating habits shows that its diet consists mostly of prey. The wolf will occasionally eat nutrient-rich berries, wild herbs and roots but it also absorbs vital nutrients from the berries, herbs and roots in the prey's stomach contents. These wild predators rarely eat carbohydrates and for this reason Wolf of Wilderness dog food is grain-free and low in carbohydrates.

All varieties of Wolf of Wilderness contain at least 41% pure fresh meat which is an excellent source of easy-to-digest, premium-quality proteins.

The meat is freshly ground and supplemented with a selection of tasty forest berries, roots, grasses and wild herbs, all of which a wolf would eat in the wild. These berries and herbs not only provide important nutrients, but are also a great source of secondary phytochemical matter as well as natural fibre, which is important for a healthy digestive system.

The tasty dry food is made with potato, the only source of carbohydrate. Potatoes are a tasty, well-tolerated form of natural carbohydrate and fibre. They are fat-free and packed full of healthy, vital trace elements and roughage.

The mix of forest berries combined with dandelion root, wild herbs, and botanicals such as ribwort, nettle and common yarrow, provide important minerals and secondary plant matter. These are gently dried and chopped into very small pieces.

Your dog is able to absorb the rich selection of vitamins and important minerals and this helps to provide a balanced, species-appropriate nutrition.

Wild & Free


Wolf of Wilderness is exclusive to zooplus

Wholesome nutrition:

  • 100% grain- and gluten-free

  • Rich in meat, min. 61%

  • Made with lots of fresh meat (min. 41%), easy to digest, well- accepted

  • With tasty fruits of the forest (mixed berries), wild herbs and roots

  • Low in carbohydrates

  • Suitable for dogs with grain allergies

  • No artificial preservatives, colours or aromas

  • Made in Germany

Wolf of Wilderness dry dog food includes the following varieties: Wild Hills, Green Fields, Sunny Glade and Blue River, in 1kg or 12kg bags. Wolf of Wilderness wet food includes the following varieties: Wild Hills, Green Fields, Oak Woods and Arctic Spirit, 6 x 400g, 6 x 800g, 12 x 400g, 12 x 800g and 24 x 800g

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