Pet nutrition is a matter of trust

You can depend on us

Welcome to Matina GmbH

Your specialists in Pet Nutrition

Welcome to Matina GmbH

MATINA GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of quality pet foods for dogs, cats and other pets. Our brands offer superior, great-tasting foods that meet the individual needs and requirements of your pet.

Our range of dry and wet pet foods and snacks, with both supplementary and complete foods, offers a choice of healthy and highly nutritious varieties to appeal to the taste buds of any pet. We are constantly expanding our product range to give you a comprehensive and species-appropriate selection of pet food to choose from.

Pets make a family

Our Brands

MATINA’s aim is to offer customers the very best food for their pets. Our product development team of vets and pet nutrition specialists ensures that our products are made with the optimal combination of nutrients to meet your pet’s individual needs. We take pride in the fact that all of our recipes are free from soya, sugar, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Carefully selected ingredients and gentle preparation mean that all of our pet foods are well accepted and easy to digest. Strict quality controls are in place to maintain the highest standards of pet food production. Whether your pet is young, adult or senior, you can rest assured that when you choose a MATINA product, your pet will get all of the goodness that it needs to live a healthy, happy life.

Each ingredient in our pet foods goes through a series of strict veterinary controls. Our manufacturing facilities employ some of the most modern processes and technologies and use gentle cooking designed to help conserve as many of the natural nutrients in our foods as possible. The ingredient listings on our packaging are always comprehensive and transparent, so you can be confident that only the very best is served up in your pet’s dinner bowl. Our expert team of vets and pet nutrition specialists are constantly working to maintain our high quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process, from development, all the way through to the final quality checks on the finished products. Our quality promise is a sign of our respect and love for animals.

Our Quality Promise

Pet owners trust us to provide their pets with the best nutrition and we take that responsibility seriously. Our quality promise begins with the sourcing of the raw ingredients and continues right through the entire manufacturing process.

About Matina

Pet nutrition is a matter of trust. You can depend on us.

About Matina

MATINA GmbH was founded in 2005, with the aim of creating the right food for every pet, whatever their breed or age. Every day our highly experienced team is working to create species-appropriate and delicious food for your pet. Our love for animals is at the heart of everything that we do. Our expert knowledge and commitment to pet welfare means that we strive to create innovative nutritional solutions for your pet, and our range is continually growing.

We don’t just create high quality foods for dogs and cats, but also for small pets, birds and horses. All of our products are both healthy and delicious.

What matters most is that pets and their owners are satisfied with our products. MATINA products are available exclusively at zooplus and bitiba.

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